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self care

" Self-care is related to our psychological and physical well-being and integral health. We need to have spaces in our lives to understand our needs"

What to do?

care for us

Self-care also helps us to better understand our own body and all its signs and, in this way, it is easier to establish practices that help to control the symptoms of anxiety and depression, for example.

On a daily basis, we can look at our needs more closely. For that,  we can:

  • Start meditating;

  • Start the therapy you've been putting off for some time;

  • Do physical activity, yoga, pilates, etc;

  • Have good hygiene habits with the body;

  • Go to the doctor regularly and have routine exams;

  • Search for a pleasant social life with relaxing moments;

  • Get a good night's sleep;

  • Learn to set limits and say no.


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