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our higher purpose

quem somos


about our higher purpose

Being connected to the present moment, aware of our individual and collective role and seeking to generate positive impacts for ourselves and others. This is Beneficial Presence.


This portal is based on experiences of its creator, Professor Cláudio Senna Venzke, PhD , throughout his personal, professional and academic life, addressing the topic of personal and professional purpose.  

Our goal is to present practical ways to develop our presence in a beneficial way.

To bring more information and techniques to you, we have a partnership with professionals linked to the area of health, well-being and human development.

Learn more about the pillars of beneficial presence  and our specific development programs .


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Be a Benefer!


State of Presence 


The noun of the program, presence , is treated here in a special way, with meditation techniques and experiential tools that cater to those who have no experience as well as those seeking to deepen their knowledge and practices.

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Self Care


We can only offer what we have. In this way, taking care of our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health is also an altruistic act, as we need to be well to support others and  build positive relationships

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Resilient Compassion


Compassion is an action to support ourselves and others in difficult times, and resilience is the ability to be impacted and return to our balanced state. Thus, resilient compassion gives us the power to be compassionate and beneficial at all times, even in an attack situation,  


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